Why use our framing studio?

This feature allows you to preview your picture, or one of ours as an example.
The tool is easy to use, stress free, and only takes four steps to see the final product.

1. Upload a picture or choose one of ours.
2. Enter the size of your picture.
3. Decide if you want your picture mounted.
4. Browse our frames to find the right one.

Ready? Let´s Begin

How to use our tool...

1. Upload your own picture or use one from our gallery.

Our Framing Studio can use either. If you don’t have a photographic copy of your picture right now and want to see how our accurate, and easy to use system works, why not try a Gallery picture that is quite similar to your own? It’s also easy to upload your own picture. Some tips: Take a photo of it, perhaps outside where the light is better, shoot it flat on so that it looks square. Then load to your computer. Crop it to make the edges really ‘square’ and to get rid of all bits that are not part of the image. Lastly, make sure File Size is under 8.00 Megabytes (MB or just M). Upload it into our website. Hopefully, if you are not technically minded the little illustration may help!

2. We need to know your picture size and type.

All the information you will need will become clear once you start the framing pages. Your first decision is to decide whether to use a ‘Mount’ or not. (called a ‘Matt’ in the USA). Most items of art or photos fit pretty clearly into either ‘Mounted’ or ‘Unmounted’.

The unmounted ‘Type’ is basically the frame, glass and backing where you simply measure the height and width of your item. As a rule this is where, if you have an oil painting, or acrylic painting, on board, that would normally not have glass, you just choose order a frame and back – see our video. Really deep, or thick items, such as ‘Block Canvass’ need something called deep rebate* frames. Please note that we will be placing these on the site in due course but there are none on the site at present – again, see our video. *The gap in the wood to take the item.

Watercolour originals, small prints and posters, photographs, in fact anything you would expect to see under glass, are best using a mount, or for that special extra look, a double mount. This is the mounted ‘Type’ – see video. For this you choose a mount width and then measure the aperture (or hole) we are to cut in the mount. The frame will be made to your provided aperture size plus the mount borders. In ‘Ask the Expert’, and on Video, we explain carefully how to measure the aperture size. Basically, the mount needs to overlap the image a little, about 5mm showing the image you want to see.

3. Why mounts are so effective.

Anything you would expect to see under glass, it is best to use a mount, or for that special extra look, a double mount. Watercolour originals, small prints, small posters and photographs. The Framing Studio lets you choose a single or a double mount. For a gentle picture choose light, pastel colours, for a dramatic picture try the bold colours! Our studio lets you choose a frame and go back to adjust the mounts if you wish – its up to you! The site has the range of mounts that, from experience, we use 90% of the time.

4. Our choice of quality frames.

The frames on this website are chosen for their known quality and popularity in our galleries. Our range is handpicked to give you an excellent choice without showing so many it’s impossible to choose!

These are premium frames. No compacted sawdust with a pretend covering or plastic here. We show frames in the six main categories: Silver, Gold, Colours, Woods and Natural Woods. The framing studio shows a good representation around your picture. You can even see, or print to hold by your actual picture, proofs that are exactly the SAME SIZE as the real thing – see video clip on Home Page. Unique to Westend.


For any questions, concerns or queries please feel free to get in touch.

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