Photo Restoration, Image Editing & More

We can do a lot more than just fix dots and scratches. We do not paint or touch the original precious photograph. We scan it to make a digital computer image. If it is a very old photo, once we have scanned it, you would be well advised how to store the image but it's always best to store them in a dark place.

Our artists are very happy to do the basic clean up of dots and scratches but, for more challenging work, our artists have considerable skill and can lend creative judgments to the work. Actual artists make the difference, as you will see by viewing the film strip below.

The images are in pairs where the first is the presented problem picture, and the second is the restored image. As you can see we carry out restoration types of all kinds from fading and enhancements to rips & tears. Whatever your issue, i'm sure we can help.

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For any questions, concerns or queries please feel free to get in touch.

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